Ontario's Boutique Fitness Studios are safe. We need the government to work with us to keep fitness studios open and sustainable.

We are a health service. Our studios help people stay physically active and mentally strong.

As we get closer to the cold, dark winter months, people will need to access safe, indoor fitness facilities to maintain their physical and mental health.

We need the government to work with us, not against us.

Recent restrictions are not reflective of any data we’ve seen or been presented with. With little evidence, the government has made it even harder for an already struggling industry to survive.

We care deeply about keeping our studios safe and have implemented strict safety protocol to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

• Our studios are a controlled environment - we have staff on hand at all times to ensure that health and safety protocol are followed.

• All members maintain physical distancing of 2 metres, as per government directive.

• Members do not share equipment while training, and each member stays in one station.

• Each piece of equipment is sanitized between each use and coaches disinfect equipment between classes as well.

• Members follow strict hygiene protocol including sanitizing hands before entry and wear their mask as they move around the studio.

The Ask.

OIFSA Members
need to stay open

Our members have collaborated to create an extensive
Boutique Fitness Health and Safety Framework to
ensure the safety of their community.

By all accounts to date, these actions have been successful.

Our small businesses deserve transparency and
we call on the government to come to the table
with solutions to keep our industry from drowning.

Health and Safety Framework